Google My Business, Getting Started

How is your business doing on Google My Business?

If you had a hard time answering that question, this two-part webinar series is specifically for you.

Get More Customers by Putting

Google My Business

to Work for Your Company

  • Learn What it Is and Why It's Important

    If you want your business to show up for more customers, understand the basics

  • Find, claim, verify your business listings

    Avoid the common mistakes that sink many businesses before they even get started

  • Optimize your business name for Google

    The way you enter your business name has a significant impact on how well Google understands your business

  • Describe your business for results

    Use keywords that will guide customers to your listing; avoid spammy techniques that Google punishes

  • Good things come in threes

    This webinar works great all by itself, but if it's valuable, we have two more webinars in this series:

    • March 5th: Part 2 of getting started
    • March 12: Power Tips once you do

    Ross Barefoot

    Meet the Presenter

    Ross is a long-time veteran of the Search Engine wars and remembers when Google My Business was just a toddler, wandering around in the Google-verse without much of a mission. 


    Ross is the Chief Technology Officer for Horizon Web Marketing and the President of Search Engine Academy, a division of Search Pros International. He has been an SEO since 2002 and an SEO Trainer since 2008.

    "Ross Barefoot is a great facilitator who gets straight to the point but makes the information he is presenting accessible to everyone in the audience. I highly recommend any of these workshops or services to help improve your SEO and make your business relevant!"


    — Allison Londregan, Event Designer

    "I love Ross' teaching style: funny and down-to-earth. He's extremely knowledgeable and presents his material in a fast paced and engaging way, yet he's patient to ensure he hasn't left his students behind."


    —Kathy Rehberg, Realtor


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